All gt quartz ceramic services at urban auto spa include:

5 step wash/prep process

  1. Precision Clenz – removes the heaviest soils and grime from tires/rims/lower panels. We will eliminate road tar, dirt, grime, and brake dust
  2. High PH Prep – removes grease, road film, bird droppings, and tree sap plus bug residue
  3. Iron eater – removes ferrous metal particles and pollutants bonded to the rims, paint, plastic and glass surfaces
  4. Low PH Prep – removes hard water mineral deposits, scale, rust, and detergent film
  5. Clay Bar Process – applied to remove any paint overspray and hardened bits of non-metallic based particles

3 step paint correction & protection

  1. Inspect for surface scratches/scuffs – light finish compound applied (as needed) to remove any scratches/scuffs. Cleaner and or swirl remover (as needed)
  2. Glaze – soft foam pad machine glaze is applied to polish all paint
  3. Wax – carnuaba paste wax applied to protect all painted surfaces

GT Quartz: Finally, the nano-ceramic coating is applied by hand to protect all exterior painted surfaces.

  • With proper maintenance , protection exceeds 12 months
  • Hydrophobic water repellency
  • Protects from environmental pollutants, such as bird droppings, acid rain, road grime, salt, pollen and more!


  • Vehicles must arrive by 8am and be left until closing time: (5:30pm pick up time)
  • Available mon-sat by appointment in Franklin Lakes 201-560-1144

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