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Gliptone Hand Applied Products

Gliptone car wash has been a Long Island, New York tradition of quality since 1947. Gliptone products have been built to protect cars and boats from some of the harshest existing elements and weather conditions on the planet including scorching hot summer sun and snowGliptone filled freezing winters. From city pollutions and industry generated airborne pollutants to the sand and salt filled hurricate force winds of our Long Island costal environment.

Gliptone continues to keep true to their purpose of developing and producing the finest quality products for todays automotive and marine industries. From soaps and degreasers, world class leather care products to carnauba based waxes or hi-tech polymer sealants and ceramic coatings, Gliptone's emphasis on quality shines through!

Gliptone Ceramic Detail Spray

Ceramic Detail Spray
Only $29.95

Gliptone’s CERAMIC DETAIL SPRAY is a professional grade, super-hydrophobic and durable SiO2 surface coating. A simple spray and wipe application provides mild cleaning action, and extreme gloss while creating a super slick, long lasting ceramic coating with a barrier resistant to debris and the elements.

Gliptone Ceramic Interior Detailer

Ceramic Interior Detailer
Only $29.95

GLIPTONE’S CERAMIC INTERIOR DETAILER™ is a professional grade Si02 enhanced, non-greasy, ‘spray-n-wipe’ formula that provides light duty cleaning and conditioning to all automotive interior surfaces. Safe and effective on vinyl, plastic, rubber, wood grain and painted interior panels.

Gliptone Ceramic Wheel Cleaner

Ceramic Wheel & Rim Detailer
Only $29.95

Gliptone Wheel & Rim Detailer utilizes an advanced, high heat resistant polymer that deposits “nano sized” Si02 particles onto the substrate. A semi-permanent, detergent and grime resistant coating barrier is formed which protects against Oxidation, Winter Brine, Road Salt, and permanent staining from Brake Dust.

Gliptone Ceramic Wheel Cleaner

Ceramic Textile Defender
Only $29.95

GLIPTONE’S NANO CERAMIC TEXTILE DEFENDER™ is a high quality coating that provides maximum protection from UV damage, wear and spills for up to 12 months with 1 coat. Will not change the “feel” of fabrics.